DIY Harry Potter Inspired Projects

Harry Potter super-fans have now read (and maybe re-read!) the newest installment of the series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a play whose script was released earlier this summer. Year after year (new release or not), this wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling is continuously infatuating for people around the globe, so it was about time we paid homage to it here! Read on for some of our favorite Harry Potter inspired projects…

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If you’ve ever marveled over the ancient art of tasseography (reading tea leaves), Kathleen Rawlinson pinned this really fun project on Pinterest! Oh, sure. Maybe the Grimm is an ominous symbol to invite into one’s life, but Harry Potter fanatics will appreciate this simple DIY. To keep it food safe, find a clear glass mug at Goodwill and doodle with a paint pen or sharpie on the outside of it before baking to seal. Quirky little touches like this around the house will remind you of your enchanting interests and perk up your morning brew, too!

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A sense of belonging is a major theme within the books, and one of my favorite descriptions of finding that comes whenever Harry visits the Burrow (the cozy roost that the Weasleys snuggle into every night). Goodwill Industries of Upstate/Midlands South Carolina (Greenville) has shared the secret to recreating this little haven on their Facebook page! Wouldn’t you know; the perfect place to search for the necessary décor items is at Goodwill? Not only is every location brimming with well-loved, one-of-a-kind pieces, but Goodwill agencies act on their local levels as independently run social enterprises that serve their communities by creating a culture of service, innovation, and collaboration, and in so doing, help everyone involved feel a strong sense of belonging. This is Goodwill’s #LaborOfLove! To find out more about how you can help people near you find community and work, click here!

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If you’ve read this far into the blog post, but you haven’t actually read the books (and play script), then it’s clear that your interest is at least piqued. What are you waiting for? You don’t have to invest much to get started in the series since the ubiquitous books quite frequently end up gracing Goodwill shelves! This copy of the Half-Blood Prince was spotted in a thrift store by Goodwill Industries of Denver (CO), but I’m sure you’d find one or two HP books in your closest location! The great thing about thrifting books is that the low price tag means you can actually enjoy your time reading without cringing before you even crack the cover. Plus, with no library renewal deadline, you won’t feel rushed to turn those pages (although, with this series, the story itself will be urging you on!). So jump on the Harry Potter Knight Bus bandwagon already – we won’t judge!

With Halloween only a couple of months away now, it really isn’t too soon to start planning costumes either. Anyone out there thinking of dressing up as a Hogwarts student this year? Maybe these ideas will help ignite your imagination!