Express Yourself with Goodwill®

Madonna topped the charts in 1989 with her hit song “Express Yourself” in which she urged her listeners to find a partner in life who is open and honest to create a healthy relationship. Although that was nearly 30 years ago now, the call to communicate our inner workings still resonates within our culture. This message echoes not just in our relationships with others, but throughout the rest of our lives, too, to help us create our own happiness in all aspects. Let me explain how with some help from a few other Goodwill enthusiasts!

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Goodwill Columbus understands that self-expression is critical in everyone’s journey for personal growth. That’s why they have created an art studio and gallery for people with developmental disabilities and other barriers. Through art, members are able to explore and visually articulate the emotions they feel inside. This leads to empowerment for the artists themselves and inspiration for all of the volunteers who help run the program and for the patrons who come to appreciate the gallery. Helping individuals identify and achieve their own successes is what Goodwill is all about. Part of this overarching mission is to build vibrant communities which you can help support simply by donating to and shopping at Goodwill!

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When a person is able to make who they feel they are on the inside match how they look on the outside and what they create in the world around them, a harmonic balance is reached allowing that person to truly thrive. Much like the artists mentioned above, avid thrift shopper James found strength of expression through his local Goodwill in Northern New England. During his gender transition, the relaxed sales staff and atmosphere, and wide variety of clothing styles and sizes all created the ideal place for James to experiment with new looks to find what felt right. For more of his story, click here!

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For some, beautifying the space around them is the way they choose to functionally express themselves. If you think about your home as a retreat, it only makes sense that customizing it to your own interests would feel inspiring. Over at the blog Goodwill Tips, Amy shared some ideas for updating thrifted lamps to individual tastes. Would you believe that one of her DIY tips is to stretch patterned fabric from leggings over an old lampshade? It’s such an unusual method for refreshing a light, but this surprising experiment pays off by bringing to life a memorable new piece of home decor! Head over to read the rest of her post for more tips on asserting your tastes through easy home improvements.

There’s so much beauty in diversity. That every person can bring something unique into the world is what shapes a dynamic culture. Self-expression inspires a person to unlock their full potential, so no matter how you choose to express yourself, there’s a place for you at Goodwill.