Get Your Garden On!

Now that you’ve gotten some spring cleaning done inside your house, it’s time to turn your attention to that sad patch of earth on the outside that weathered a pretty harsh winter this year.

Do you think you have to go to a nursery to get the supplies you need to perk it up again for summer? Nope! As you drop off your donation from that spring cleaning you just did, pop inside for a look—because your Goodwill has your grass covered, too.

On my recent visit, I found plenty of summery garden inspiration, including planters, seed spreaders, books on gardening and even some decorations to put the final touches on your little piece of gardening heaven.


Think about it—gardening itself is a pretty thrifty activity. I was always fascinated with the concept of victory gardens from my grandma’s day—when people rolled up their sleeves and did everything they could to grow the food they put in their mouths rather than buying it. So by getting at a thrift store what you need to grow your food, you’re doing the environment a double favor!

And you don’t necessarily need gardening supplies or a piece of earth to garden in. I once had a friend plant a garden in an old dented-up filing cabinet that she got at a thrift store. She laid it down on its back and took out the drawers, filled it with dirt and voila! THRIFTY FOOD!

So next time you go to the thrift store, take a look around and think about all the secondhand goods you can use for the outside of your home. Some are obvious and some aren’t—but they’re all a quick way to make summer a little brighter on a budget.