Last-Minute Easter Basket Finds at Goodwill

By Felicia Czochanski Bisaro

Easter Basket

Holidays have a tendency to sneak up on us and sometimes finding the time to craft a personalized gift can be difficult. Easter is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to celebrate loved ones and the children in your life than with a thoughtful, affordable, and eco-friendly Easter basket that you can fill with thrifted treasures. From charming stuffed animals (just give them a quick wash first!), to new puzzles, games and sporting goods, the options can be endless when it comes to a personalized approach at gifting.

Take a look at some inspiration below before heading to your favorite Goodwill store to do a one-stop shop. You can of course add other items that feel like a fit for your special little person, like books and clothes too!


  1. The Basket

Without fail, Goodwill has some of the most wonderful second-hand baskets. I’m always tempted to purchase them, even when I’m not looking to pull together an Easter Bunny gift! I walked into the home goods section of Goodwill in Downtown Brooklyn and this cute wicker basket was waiting for me on the shelf. I love these baskets because they have so much life in them and are such an easy item to save from landfills and repurpose. This is why I love shopping at Goodwill, because doing so helps divert would-be waste and give it new life. Use the wicker basket for an Easter basket, tie in a few fun ribbons and Easter grass and then repurpose it throughout the year.

  1. A Sweet Stuffie

For smaller kids, I can’t help but gift a cuddly stuffed animal friend. Growing up, I would wake up with my sisters on Easter morning and come out to the living room to find the floor covered in stuffed animal bunnies and other soft animal friends. I found this adorable pink pig stuffie at Goodwill, and with a quick trip through the washing machine it will be perfect for a basket.

  1. A Competitive Twist

Goodwill is an amazing place to find games and sporting equipment. As you browse the shelves, think about what your little ones like to play with and if there’s something you might be able to do together. I picked up a science-themed game for one little smartie pants, and a cute pink Hello Kitty t-ball glove for another. After Easter brunch, we can head out to the yard and play catch together!

  1. Sweet Treats

If there’s any room left in your Easter Basket, think about filling it with a few sweet treats from the dollar store or your favorite candy store. Even better, think about what homemade goodies they might enjoy!

Once you’ve compiled your basket items, take the time to write a handwritten note showing how much you appreciate your loved one. It will go a long way to create a memorable and sustainable Easter celebration that you’ll all remember for years to come!