May the Force Be with You on Your Thrift Shopping Adventures

A long time ago, in our very own galaxy, fans of one of the most popular film franchises of all time proclaimed May the 4th to be Star Wars Day. Today, thanks to the spread of information and ideas on the internet, the holiday is celebrated with more zeal than ever before. Cosplayers, collectors and casual movie viewers frequently shop at Goodwill® to celebrate their love of the series. Here are a few of our favorite Star Wars Goodwill finds:

A painting of a Storm Trooper sitting outside a Parisian cafe  Image via David Vancook

There’s something oddly relaxing about seeing a Stormtrooper casually glancing over the newspaper at a Parisian café, am I right? In my mind, this piece by David Vancook, who brushes his own accents, like this Storm Trooper, onto thrift store paintings, is sort of the perfect art. It’s nice to look at with a great mood and colors, but once you notice David’s addition, you can’t help but smile. He’s done an entire series of pieces that combine classic imagery with figures from the franchise. Another of my favorites depicts an AT-AT walker crawling across a forgotten landscape. Check out David’s series or do-it-yourself with art from your local Goodwill!

Two outfits from Goodwill that look like clothing out of Star Wars Image via

Cosplay (dressing up as a character from a film, video game, etc.) is a huge part of Star Wars culture for many branches of the fandom, so while most superfans wait until Halloween to scour Goodwill stores for costume details, many are searching at light-speed year-round. If you’re interested in compiling a series-inspired look, Goodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota (Saint Paul) walks us through the basics of building many popular Star Wars ensembles using thrifted attire. Since so many of the characters wear practical fabrics and neutral colors, their clothes are fairly easy to imitate with secondhand finds. Who will you channel for your next costume party or cosplay event?

A movie poster from Star Wars Episode IVImage via

Of course, if you need to brush up on your storylines, there’s no shortage of Star Wars media available online, too! Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette (Portland, OR) sells plenty of paraphernalia through its web shop. Search for that one movie you’re missing, grab a soundtrack to motivate you while you clean the house or find a video game to fully immerse yourself in the Galactic Empire on your days off. You don’t even need to leave your house to round out your Star Wars collection!
Be your own Jedi Master when you work on the light side of the Force to help train a new generation — it’s as easy as shopping at Goodwill for your collectibles! Goodwill organizations’ programs enable youth to stay in school and learn the skills they need to work; help workers who have lost jobs to build new skills; and provide businesses and government with a dependable labor force. If that mission sounds good to you, hop on your tauntaun and head over to your closest Goodwill. May the Force be with you!