What’s Your All-Time Favorite Find?

You’ve spotted it across the store – your dream find. There it is, on the shelf, partially obscured by a glass figurine, but you’re sure that’s it; you’d know that pattern anywhere. Your blood flow increases, your breathing becomes shallow. You’ve been searching for years and now it’s there in front of you. You make a beeline for it, accidentally bumping racks as you close in on your treasure. Then it’s in your hands. You flip it over to look at the price – $2.99. Suddenly, it’s as if the world fades around you. This – right here – is a thrifter’s most cherished moment.

I spotted my all-time favorite find years ago at a Goodwill in Maine. My friend had just moved to the area and asked me to show him the best thrift stores around. With limited time that day, we were on a mission to hit every shop on my list without looking around. As he and I looped quickly through this location, shimmering chrome flashed into view in the form of a 1950s dinette set. Although we didn’t intend to shop that day, I went home with something I’d been hoping to stumble upon for years.

Photo via GoodwillWM.wordpress.com

For Liz Witzer of Goodwill Industries of West Michigan (Muskegon), the holy-grail came in the form of a raku-fired piece of pottery that she found in a Goodwill store for $3.00. She doesn’t know who made it or what its monetary value is, but even as a life-long thrift aficionado this is one of her favorite possessions, and that’s all that matters. Now it has a home right in the center of her living room coffee table where she can admire it daily.

Photo via GoodwillAZ.org

When my sister was planning her wedding, she was faced with a tight budget. She wasn’t an avid thrifter at the time, but somehow knew to look for her wedding dress in a second-hand shop. Falling in love with the first dress she tried on – price tag and everything – she then made one of the most important purchases of her life, and her favorite thrifting find to date. Happily, Goodwill stores across the country stock wedding dresses and accessories. Goodwill of Central Arizona (Phoenix) even recently announced the opening of a new Bridal Clearance Center. This is the perfect option for brides on a budget as it houses everything from veils to bridesmaid dresses in one location (and at great prices)!

Photo via MoxAndFodder.com

In this blog post, Kathryn of Mox And Fodder shares her most cherished chair. It’s beautiful, it’s comfortable, and, of course, it’s from Goodwill! By the way, I love the look of mismatched dining chairs. Stylistically speaking, if Monica Geller approves, then you know it’s a good look. Check out the post for more photos!

Now it’s your turn. What is your all-time favorite thrifting find? If you haven’t found it yet, don’t give up! Earn some good thrifting karma by making a donation to your local Goodwill. When you donate stuff, you create jobs. You may also help a stranger purchase their dream find. Everything comes back around eventually. Good luck!