by Felicia Czochanski

It’s possible you’ve been spending a lot more time at home than usual, which makes now a great time to get started on all those home improvement projects. If not now, then when?

After all, when you spend most of your day at home, finished projects can help boost morale. That’s exactly what a ton of Goodwill® thrifters have done, and they documented their progress on Instagram.

Photo: @gloria.fulmer

What’s a Basket Wall?

If you haven’t heard of the #BasketWall, you’re not alone. I started seeing posts of basket walls last winter when people were starting to redecorate for the warmer seasons. Now, the #BasketWall inspiration has started to spread at an incredible rate. Almost every picture has at least one basket tagged as a Goodwill find.

I love a few things about this home décor trend, but I especially love how easy it is to really change the look of a space. It’s likely you have a basket or a woven placemat already lying around your home that can be repurposed. If not, finding one second-hand isn’t difficult to do at Goodwill. With more earthy and bohemian home décor styles growing in popularity, switching up your wall art to incorporate baskets of different shapes, shades and sizes can do a lot for modernizing your home aesthetic. And when life starts feeling monotonous, why not implement a little do-it-yourself change to your living area?

Photo: @genmcord

I love seeing the different ways people have set up their basket walls. There are so many creative ways to organize them depending on how many baskets you have to work with or if you want to integrate different media along with them. For instance, you might want to use plants or mirrors like in some of the photos above. I’ve seen other creative walls that incorporate fun broad-brimmed hats into the mix as well to create a truly boho look.

Check out this DIY video for inspiration on how to make a stunning statement wall with the right #GoodwillFinds and a few bright paint colors.

If revamping your living area helps you get through this spring, set some time aside and go for it! You can search the Goodwill Locator to see if you can make a trip for those baskets today!