Stay Organized When Decorating for Halloween

Pumpkin and assorted fall decor.Are you drowning in decorations? Trick-or-treat tripping you up? People are spending more time and money than ever decorating for Halloween. Consider whether you can cut back on the cobwebs and still get the same festive effect.

First, let’s talk prevention. Before you buy any new decorations, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where will I store this, and is it durable enough to last for a few years?
  • Are the light bulbs easily replaceable, and will this require any special handling like air inflation?
  • Will my family outgrow their enjoyment of this decoration quickly?
  • Is this decoration versatile enough to stay out for the entire autumn season and not just Halloween?

Next, let’s explore reducing what you have collected. Ask each of your children which decoration is their favorite, and you could be surprised that the big, inflatable, front-yard Frankenstein is not what makes them smile. It might be the small autumn window clings in their bedroom, or the cute pumpkin by the front door.  My kids loved a special pop-up book we kept out on the coffee table. Focus on what they love and pare down some of the rest. 

Do you think you could you decorate 25 or 50 percent less and still feel the same results? Donate your unwanted decorations to Goodwill®, which is a greener option that saves items from landfills and also helps someone in your community find a job. (And don’t forget to find fabulous costumes at Goodwill and donate them when you’re finished!)

Store your decorations strategically. You could limit yourself to only what fits into two containers of decorations, or even just one. Store them ideally in a clear container so you can see what’s inside. (Goodwill is a great place to find containers!) And as you get out your decorations for the next holiday, consider all of these factors again for the next wave of festivities.

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Do the neighbors on your street “do it up” for Halloween?  How many bins of decorations do you have? And… have you found a wonderful costume at Goodwill?