Four Safe and Creative Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Like most things this year, Halloween is going to feel a bit different. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has deemed trick-or-treating to be a high-risk activity, as we are still navigating the COVID-19 pandemic as a country, as is the rest of the world. But just because you may not go trick-or-treating this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get in the spooky spirit and have fun dressing up. No matter what your plans are this Halloween, you can still create a quick yet cute DIY costume at the last minute.

If you need ideas for how to spend Halloween with family and friends, check out this blog post for some inspiration. You don’t need to break the bank to have fun on Halloween, and you don’t need to do so while putting together your costume either. The key to costumes this year is safety — which means adding protective measures like masks and gloves to your outfit, as possible.

Wearing masks is nothing new when it comes to transforming into your favorite character or animal on Halloween, and this year it should only become more popular! You can match your mask to your costume, or even decorate it to match perfectly. That, plus a quick trip to Goodwill can help you create the perfect creative Halloween outfit that will keep you safe as well.

Keep reading for creative and safe costume inspiration from Goodwill shoppers across the country.

1. Hop to It!

Photo: @nina.shiv

Hop into Halloween with a costume that’s always in style. All you need is a dress or suit, a big pom pom to pin to the back — or attach to a thin belt as the cotton tail — a pair of ears and a decorative mask. This costume looks so put together, and I love that it can be replicated as a creative last-minute costume choice! Use what you have in your closet, carefully decorate a plain white mask with a permanent marker, and then head to your local Goodwill store for anything else you may be missing.

2. Go batty!

Photo: @talk2thepalm

Go batty on October 31st with this timely DIY costume. This Halloween fiend found her outfit second hand — You never know what vintage costume treasures your favorite Goodwill store may be home to as well. Can’t find this exact look? A pair of scissors and some black fabric could help you do the trick to make your own unique version. Pair a black mask and some fishnet tights, and you’re ready to get in the Halloween spirit.

3. Get lost in a good book.

Photo: @thebarbiebound

As a bookworm myself, I really love this costume. It’s so creative and easy to recreate with your favorite book. Your outfit doesn’t need to match that of your favorite book character exactly, but you can pull from their style and even match your colors to that of the book, like this book-lover did. Whatever your plans are for Halloween night, bring the book with you as a conversation starter!


Photo: @tulsakids

When deciding what to be this year, don’t forget to make sure your kids are prepared with a safe, creative costume as well. These kids do a great job of matching their masks to their outfits. Whether you’re a wizard or a fox, wearing the right protective gear will help keep your kids safe on Halloween (and every day) during the pandemic.

Still not sure what you want to be for Halloween? Get some DIY costume inspiration here, then head over to your local Goodwill to create a one-of-a-kind costume sure to impress!