Thrift Is in the Air

Jenna Isaacson's husband Ed holds Goodwill t-shirt

Some of us showed our love this week with chocolates, some with mushy cards and fancy dinners.  But ever since I started dating my husband–who so rarely shops for himself– I’ve shown him love all year long by turning him into my personal Ken doll.

That’s right.  I lovingly forced my thrifting ways upon him by providing him a with an awesomely fashionable twice-loved wardrobe.

I’m sure he’d be the first to tell you he was skeptical at first. When I first started bringing things home for him to wear, I was definitely met with jokes and raised eyebrows. He wasn’t a thrifter– or a shopper at all, really. Still isn’t.  But once I’d gotten wind of his strange pants size and saw the pitiful sight that was his closet, I took on the challenge with a vengeance. I couldn’t help myself from making it my mission to convert him to my ways. And so began my epic mission to turn him into a thrifter as well.

Jenna Isaacson's husband Ed looks inside thrift store

Piece by piece, bit by bit, I turned Ed-the-Skeptic into Ed-the-Believer. Texts I sent to him to tell him I was headed to a thrift store were once met with a reply of “Y?” or “Don’t stay long!” Now they’re met with cheerful replies like, “Need black dress pants!” or “Look for cool art!”

On the 2011 RV trip for All Thrifty States, Ed tagged along for 17 days. Watching him maneuver excitedly through the aisles ahead of me as we traveled from state to state was like watching a flower starting to bloom!  Even though it was an intense way to do it, he definitely got into it– and even managed to find the best treasure of the trip!

Jenna Isaacson's husband Ed holds art print

Knowing that I’ve converted my once nay-saying husband into an equal proponent of second-hand living is like a box of chocolates for my thrifty little heart. He’s learned the lesson I learned long ago– secondhand is good for the soul.