Free Safety and Health Training

To manage risk most effectively, organizations need comprehensive safety programs. Thanks to a grant from the Occupational Safety Health Administration, Goodwill Industries International provides free safety and health training to the public.
Take part in a series of online courses to learn how to create a safety health management system – the foundation of a workplace safety program. To participate, you must work for an organization with less than 750 employees and be covered under the OSHA Act.
Our trainings utilize Adobe Connect Pro, a web-based meeting tool, to introduce the core elements of a safety health management system. On the scheduled course days, most lessons will be taught at 10 a.m. EST and 2 p.m. EST.
Current/Upcoming Trainings


A year after the training, you will be surveyed on whether your organization has implemented a safety health management system.
If you are interested in having a trainer host a session for you, contact GII Human Resources Consultant Ann Seeney.