Goodwill Takes Leadership Role in Electronics Recycling

ROCKVILLE, MD — Today, Goodwill Industries International joined nine other companies and organizations in launching the Responsible Recycling (R2) Leader program, which is designed to advance the safe, responsible and sustainable repair and recycling of used electronics. R2 was designed to ensure that recycling companies meet the latest standards in terms of environmental health and safety.
Goodwill, which operates autonomous, community-based agencies in the United States and Canada and sells donated items in its more than 2,900 outlet and retail stores; diverts more than three billion pounds annually from landfills by recovering the value in people’s goods and extending their lifespan. Through socially innovative partnerships with corporate partners, such as Dell, and county and city governments, as well as other organizations, Goodwill diverts any brand of computers and electronic equipment from landfills and provides consumer education on environmentally responsible electronics disposal. These Goodwill programs create job training and employment opportunities for people in need of work — from collecting and sorting jobs to more skilled positions.
As part of its commitment to the R2 program, Goodwill will provide resources on safe and responsible handling of electronics to its community-based agencies. In addition, Goodwill will provide a continually updated list of R2-certified recycling facilities within the operating area of each Goodwill headquarters.
Facilitated by SERI, a nonprofit organization which develops policies and programs to advance sustainable electronics recycling, including the multi-stakeholder R2 Standard, R2 Leaders publicly support R2-certified electronics repair and recycling as well as consider R2 certification when choosing recycling partners. Additionally, each R2 Leader takes a leadership role in a project to advance responsible recycling around the world.
“Throughout the Goodwill enterprise, we recognize the importance of safe, responsible and sustainable recycling of electronics,” said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “As a founding member of the R2 Leader Program, Goodwill will take a leadership role on electronics recycling issues while helping to solve one of the fastest growing challenges in recycling and electronics sustainability.”
Other partners in the R2 Leader program include DIRECTV, Greeneye Partners, Keep America Beautiful, Microsoft, Panasonic, Sony America, SourceAmerica, Wistron Corporation and Xerox.
“Since the creation of the R2 Standard for responsible electronics recycling in 2008, we have consistently heard from companies and organizations that want to support repair and recycling efforts,” said John Lingelbach, executive director of SERI. “Our partners in launching this program have taken on truly commendable leadership roles in managing used electronics. I am excited to work with them to take the next step in developing responsible and sustainable e-waste recycling policies, programs and facilities.”
The R2 Standard was created in 2008 through a multi-stakeholder process that included the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, electronics manufacturers, recycling companies, nonprofit organizations, and other groups. Electronics recycling and refurbishment facilities certified to the R2 Standard adhere to best practices in worker health and safety, environmental protection, chain-of-custody reporting, and other measurements. Worldwide, more than 540 facilities are certified to the R2 Standard in 17 countries.
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About SERI
SERI, formerly R2 Solutions, is a prospective 501c3 nonprofit organization (application pending) that provides educational and outreach services to promote responsible electronics recycling around the world. It is the housing body for the R2 Standard and provides additional efforts to develop policies and incentives that promote responsible electronics recycling. More information can be found at