For nearly 120 years, Goodwill® has been the leading workforce provider in North America, helping individuals empower themselves with the skills and job support services they need and want to thrive.

The recent pandemic significantly impacted both people and jobs, prompting us to launch a new five-year strategic initiative called Rising TogetherTM.

  • Connect more than 400,000 people annually with sustainable careers, equating to more than 1 million by 2025. Nearly 60 percent of those individuals will likely come from communities of color.
  • Improve local store performance to unlock more than $170 million annually in new funding for skills training.
  • Divert more than seven billion pounds of usable goods from landfills.

With companies and leaders who share a passion for equitable workforce development, Rising TogetherTM establishes a system of partnerships that enables faster, more equitable economic recovery and mobility for job seekers. With your support, we can make this vision a reality.

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How Your Organization Can Enable Job Seekers to Thrive

Funding, in-kind support services and hiring commitments are some of the ways that your organization can build the capacity of Goodwill’s network to empower additional job seekers to advance economically. These resources may be applied in several, critical ways including:

  • A new way to provide services, tools and best practices that make finding a job much easier.
  • A means to improve driving retail performance, efficiency and improved customer experience to generate more revenue for mission programs.
  • An original system to ensure equitable career advancement for Goodwill employees who are working to deliver the company mission.

There are many ways to engage. From philanthropy to in-kind support to hiring Goodwill jobseekers and career advancers, we look forward to working with you to define your role in this initiative to generate impactful and lasting change.

Join the Rising TogetherTM Coalition as a Partner

Our Rising TogetherTM Partners

Anthem Foundation will launch a healthcare career path training that will benefit thousands of individuals over the course of two years. The program will build healthcare employee pipelines while supporting healthcare workers affected by the pandemic. The training will ultimately lead to credentials, job placements, wage increases and benefits.

Providing in-demand skills and credentials in a field like health care will help people enter a career path that leads to economic stability. This is a huge step in empowering families struggling with housing insecurity, lack of access to food and healthcare, and much more. The Anthem Foundation is proud to work with Goodwill and the Rising TogetherTM coalition to help lift people up and provide opportunity to thrive.

Coursera, through its social impact program, will provide 2,000 scholarships to those hard-hit by the economic turndown, including people who are impacted by the criminal justice system, veterans and youth learners. Scholarship recipients will have free access to 4,000 courses as well as hands-on projects and Professional Certificates that teach job-relevant skills across business, technology and data science.

A growing number of well-paying, entry-level jobs require digital skills that can be learned online. Together with Goodwill, our scholarship initiative will provide communities hardest hit by the pandemic with free access to job-relevant learning that prepares them to enter high-demand fields.

Indeed will help job seekers who are overlooked or face challenges to finding work with skills-based assessments, job seeker support and employer hiring events. Indeed will work with Goodwill on a fellowship for women who have had to leave the workforce or were reduced to part-time work due to COVID-19 (either voluntarily or involuntarily). Goodwill’s collaboration with Indeed will also include the launch of the Indeed + Goodwill Digital Resource Guide, which will equip Goodwill organizations with best practices and recommendations on how to help people find jobs at Goodwill organizations and other employers.

Too many women and families are being left behind amid the pandemic, and without robust solutions, it will be difficult for them to catch up. With Rising TogetherTM, we are proud to offer access to key services such as job placement support, leadership training and development, and more to help empower people within their own communities to thrive.

Google will continue to support Goodwill in its efforts to deliver digital skills training across the U.S. through programs such as Google Career Certificates, which help job seekers prepare for in-demand jobs in lessthan 6 months without the need for a college degree or prior experience. Since 2017, more than 100 local Goodwill organizations have implemented the Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator® in their communities, equipping more than 1 million people with digital skills and placing more than 170,000 of these individuals into employment.

Since 2017, has supported Goodwill Industries International with more than $15 million dollars in grants to help advance their delivery of digital skills training to more than one million people across the United States. We are proud to continue to support Goodwill as they work to create greater access to high-growth, high-paying jobs in the digital economy through programs including the Google Career Certificates.

Lyft will continue investing in its LyftUp Jobs Access program, which launched in 2019 with a coalition of partners including Goodwill, to provide individuals access to transportation they need to get to an interview, job training and/or the first weeks of work. To date, the program has supported job seekers with access to tens of thousands of rides.

Through the Jobs Access program and our work with Goodwill, we know that more than half of the program’s participants are women. We also know that for women who are unemployed or underemployed, reliable transportation to a job interview, a job training or the first few weeks of work can mean the difference between successful, long-term employment and lost opportunities, which is why continuing our partnership is critical to helping women get back to work.

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Together with our partners, we have the combined power to achieve goals of connecting individuals with promising careers, serving more individuals in need of support and diverting billions of usable items from filling our landfills. Consider joining this powerful movement to make lasting change.

Join the Rising TogetherTM Coalition as a Partner