DIY It: Weird Projects to Pass the Time

I love weird. Weird hobbies, weird clothes, weird colors, weird places. I literally have a giant red cursive metal sign on my living room wall of the word itself because I love it so much. And things have felt a bit weird in the last few months, haven’t they? But I’m trying really hard to embrace the weird even more so, now.

I don’t know about you, but with extra time on my hands, my creativity has really come in handy to maintain a sense of normalcy for myself and my family. I’m always on the lookout for things I can repurpose rather than throw out, so I’ve spent more time than usual searching for projects I can do to keep it weird in my house.

Of course it’s that time of year when I like to do some planting, but also the time of year I realize I have so few pots that survived the winter outside unscathed. So, naturally, these little weirdos caught my eye. Suddenly I have an urge to fish the dolls in my donation bag back out again and grab some scissors. I think they might look nice lining my front porch rail, don’t you?

Credit: @thegoodstuff.k

Speaking of which, I thought this was a cute way of re-using a tennis ball hopper as a very mid-century looking plant stand — repainted with a nice fun color. I’ll have to keep an eye out on my next trip to Goodwill.

Credit: @eclectic_cow

I’m also searching for things for my kids to do to bide their seemingly endless free time these days. Seeing as they love collecting rocks so much, I think this might be a good way to give them a creative outlet. I mean, it’s way more fun than just putting them back out in my gravel driveway, right? It might be fun to put this out on the corner of the driveway for our neighbors to enjoy.

Credit: @amarkosa

And with the kids talking about getting a new pet lately, I’m having lots of feels around the messes, care and extra space they would typically require in my tiny house. Though this weird little upcycle had me thinking I could easily see getting some fish, as long as I could make a tank that’s this retro-awesome. It’s like a living screensaver!

Credit: @newdecorum

I love that Goodwill gives me an outlet for creativity that helps me keep it weird around my house. It’s one of my favorite things about thrifting in general. Being able to see the potential in things that others can’t see is part of the thrill. And finding the potential in things you already own is even more powerful.

Creating jobs is what Goodwill does best, but keeping it weird in my own home not only helps empower people in my community, but it also helps to divert unnecessary waste from landfills and bring it back to life through the eyes of the potential-seekers, like me.

So search what you have but don’t need in your house right now, and maybe consider what else you can do with it before tossing it into your Goodwill donation bag. And know if you truly don’t need it anymore, someone else will see that potential and make it sing.