Goodwill Industries International Respects a Woman's Rights to Breastfeed

UPDATE: 02/27/2015
I want to personally apologize for recent events regarding how breastfeeding was handled by two Goodwill employees and express our concern for the nursing mother who was involved in this regrettable incident. The actions of these employees were completely inappropriate and each employee has been suspended.
While this event was totally unacceptable and not at all what Goodwill stands for, it has become a teachable moment to remind and reeducate all of our employees about the rights of nursing moms. Many of our own employees are nursing moms and we proudly support them when they are working.
I am concerned that this unfortunate situation will detract from the good work being done by our 122,000 Goodwill employees across North America helping to assist individuals and their families gain valuable job skills, employment and economic sustainability.
Goodwill deeply values the moms and the families we serve.
– Jim Gibbons, President and CEO

Goodwill Industries International respects and reinforces a woman’s right to breastfeed in public and private environments. We believe in the spirit and intent of the laws across the United States. We apologize for the unauthorized and unacceptable comments tweeted by our customer service representative. Every day, Goodwills work hard to create inclusive, friendly and welcoming environments for moms, families and all of our donors and shoppers.