Helping People Affected by Wildfires Comes in Many Forms

At Goodwill®, our collective hearts ache for those who lost their lives and for the people who have lost their homes and precious keepsakes in the tragic California wildfires.

Goodwill is a network of 161 independent and community-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, and we are proud to serve millions of  individuals and families annually through our various employment placement and job training programs. Goodwills function autonomously, meaning that each local Goodwill operates independently with its own board of directors who appoints a president and CEO and operates the stores and donation centers in those areas. Goodwill organizations use the revenue from the sale of goods to create job training and education opportunities and support services, such as child care, financial education, youth mentoring and tax preparation, for anyone facing challenges to finding employment. Several Goodwill organizations within the Council of California Goodwill, an association of 14 autonomous Goodwills organizations, are joining together to provide support and resources to residents from the evacuated communities—many of whom have lost everything. The Council serves the people of California, Southern Oregon and Southern Nevada.

Specifically, various local Goodwill organizations have initiatives unique to their communities, including:

  • Goodwill Central Coast and Southern Oregon Goodwill organizations are doing cash register fundraisers where shoppers are asked to “round-up” their purchase price and donate the extra money to support people impacted by the wildfires.
  • Goodwill of Silicon Valley is providing services to evacuees.
  • Goodwill Sacramento Valley & Northern Nevada participated in a donation drive with a local radio station, 98 Rock, where they sorted and distributed donated items to those in the affected region. Additionally, their Chico store located at 765 East Ave [around a 20-minute drive from Paradise, California] is prepared to help evacuees with clothing, hygiene, food, etc.

While Goodwill is an important resource as people rebuild their lives, all Goodwill organizations are not necessarily providing the same services and supports. For more information, please contact 1-800-GOODWILL to locate your closest Goodwill location.