My Story: Sheila Gilmore

After 20 years of military service and earning a four-year degree, Sheila Gilmore never imagined it would be difficult to get a job. She had a 15-year employment gap on her resume, which reflected the time she was a stay-at-home mom, and the journey to find employment was rocky, but never gave up on her job search. Her perseverance as well as her dedication and passion for serving others helped her achieve her career goals despite the set backs.

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My Story: Ceylin Brooks

When Ceylin Brooks decided to leave the Air Force after serving for six years, she moved from the Hurlburt Field Air Force installation in Northwest Florida to Tampa. The transition to civilian life was a little difficult, especially when it came to looking for a job.

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My Story: Toni Meador

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down much of the United States early in 2020, Toni Meador found herself among the millions who were suddenly without work. Like many, a pandemic-related layoff was not the only challenge she was facing. Toni was working to recover from identity theft and leaving an abusive marriage. She did not have transportation and lacked other supports, such as housing to keep herself and her son safe.

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My Story: Larry Dominguez

Veteran Larry Dominguez had been out of work for the past year and on unemployment benefits when the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily closed many businesses in Las Vegas. The perfect storm impacted Larry, causing him to feel depressed about being unemployed, under skilled and without income.

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My Story: Robert Aronson

Robert Aronson proudly served his country as a Combat Medic with the Navy Seals. Despite this impressive accomplishment, the last 10 years have been difficult for him. After he lost his job, he was unable to find other work and slowly fell into a deep depression. A few years ago, he was referred to Goodwill Southern Nevada from the Veteran’s Administration.

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My Story: Daniel Bailey

A Navy veteran, Daniel Bailey walked through the doors of Palmetto Goodwill looking for assistance in getting his life back on track. Mr. Bailey, recently released from prison, just wanted to work and find somewhere to live so he could rebuild his life.

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My Story: Jani Molander

Before coming to Goodwill Finland I drifted around for years studying, working fixed-term employment contracts and being unemployed. I also had some health problems. The puzzle of my life was always missing some pieces. I graduated from Business School in 1994 with a major in accounting, and then I did my military service in 1995.

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My Story: Carl Alexander

Carl Alexander was an NCAA football star and military veteran, but he found himself homeless and in need of a hand up. Goodwill helped him gain the skills he needed to launch a construction career and business.

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My Story: Travis McCausland

Travis McCausland is a Recognition Programs Associate at the Randolph Air Force Base in Texas. He is also a graduate of the Good Careers Academy at Goodwill of San Antonio (TX).

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Veterans Honored with Mural in San Antonio

Earlier this month, Goodwill San Antonio (TX) and it’s community partner Starbucks celebrated Veterans Day by unveiling a mural by acclaimed artist Jesse Treviño, a veteran who painted the mural to honor the men and women who have served in the United States military.

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