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    Goodwill® Finds that Literally Make a Statement

    If big and bold is your thing, then I bet typographic finds are right up your alley. Decor and clothing choices that feature fonts are both eye-catching and interesting plus they literally make a statement. Not only do Goodwill stores have lots of lettered goodies on their shelves, but they also have great foundation pieces (solid-colored tee-shirts, mugs, pillows, etc.) that could benefit from adding customized text. And since Goodwill is the #1 brand doing the most good (Brand World Value Index, 2016), your purchase means more than just new (to you) stuff! Let’s see what other thrifters have found to satisfy their love of letters and numbers…


    Image via stylishrevamp.com

    Kathy from the blog Stylish Revamp confessed that although she didn’t go into Goodwill looking for any new dishes, a quick trip in after the gym one night led her to her favorite find yet: a sleek white mug with a striking number 3 on it. For less than a dollar, this beauty went home and she hasn’t regretted it since. Knowing that she didn’t actually need another mug (who does?), she almost passed it up until the thoughtful thrifter realized that all of her favorite treasures were up for debate at their time of purchase. Has that ever happened to you? Now Kathy starts her mornings with a jolt from this mug which reminds her of her three boys. Search for your own numbered mug at Goodwill and your new favorite find might catch your eye while you’re there!



    Image via studiodiy.com

    Don’t forget that you can also add numbers or letters to your second-hand purchases. Find your favorite font for iron-on letters and do-it-yourself with this Graphic Tee Instructional shared by Goodwill Industries of West Michigan (Muskegon) on their DIY Fashionista pinboard. You could letter anything, but I really love the idea of adding an inside joke-type phrase to thrifted tees. With brand new tee-shirts, you never know how much they’ll shrink in the wash and the structure of fabric often feels stiff until you’ve broken it in. But with a thrift store shirt, you can find one that’s washed to perfection already and take it from there. Perfect, right? What would you add to your personalized shirt?


    Image via harrisonhomeblog.blogspot.com

    Succinct and simple, this g. printed canvas bin that I found on Goodwill Industries of Central Florida (Orlando)’s Interiors by Goodwill pinboard is a stylish way to tidy up. Grab one thrifted bin for every member of your family and add their first initial to create a home for whatever tends to hang around your house. Or maybe the solo letter could be the first initial of your last name and the bin becomes the place to fold up extra blankets. Whatever works for your nest and needs—you’re in charge of your DIY decor.

    Do you swoon over scripts? Go nutty for numbers? Share that love with the world when you try out some typographical fashion or home decor finds like what we’ve shared today. Comb our stores for just the right statement or say it yourself with your personal flair. Have fun!

    Julia Marchand
    is a home decor/DIY blogger at LITTLEroost. From her little roost in rural New England, fueled by coffee and fresh air, Julia blogs for Goodwill Industries International creating sustainable DIY, home decor, and fashion content from thrifted finds.
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