“Make the Call” Following Super Bowl 50

(*Disclaimer — even if you don’t appreciate sports analogies, you still should read this blog)

This week’s Iowa Caucus and the upcoming New Hampshire primary on February 9 bookend the biggest sports spectacle in history – the NFL Super Bowl.  On February 7, 190 million people are expected to watch this year’s game.  Even people who don’t like football, or sports in general, usually find themselves drawn to the phenomenon that is pro football’s showcase event.

Before the game, there is always analysis about what each team needs to do to win, how to stop this team’s running back or that team’s wide receivers.  Then there is always the postgame Monday morning quarterbacking. If you recall last year’s conclusion to Super Bowl 49, it was perhaps the most Monday morning quarterbacked play in Super Bowl history.

But think for a minute about if you could call the play; if you had a direct line to the coach or the quarterback and could make the call.  Ridiculous you say?  Well you can.  Not this Sunday of course, but in that other great American contest—the Presidential election.

While this is the 50th Super Bowl, 2016 marks the 58th presidential election in our nation’s history, an event that I’d say somewhat outweighs the importance of the Super Bowl. Fortunately, you have a say in the outcome, unlike Sunday’s game.

Best of all, you don’t need to wait for your state’s primary or the November 8 national election. You can start making the calls right now by signing up for Goodwill’s Legislative Action Center.  Sign up today and we all win.