My Story – Jean Edmond

I grew up in Haiti. When I was four years old, I had a fever and lost my hearing. Being deaf in Haiti wasn’t easy. Many hearing people don’t think that deaf people are equal.jean edmond small

Five years ago, I came to America to live with my sister. I came here because I wanted to work. There were no jobs in my country. It was really frustrating. Nobody wanted to hire me. It was too hard to communicate. It was hard to get a job because of that.

I went to VR (the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation) and Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida (Fort Myers). They helped me fill out the application and interview and get the job at Goodwill.

When I got the job here, I felt really happy. My money helps my family, and I’m really at peace now. I like America because there’s a much better chance of getting work and there’s so much less crime. I recently became a U.S. citizen. I’m very happy here.

*Since this interview, Jean has relocated out of state to pursue bigger opportunities.

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  1. My Granddaughter Morgan also has a wonderful story that was published (I think) GoodWill has been a life saver for her. They helped her go to on line schooling to become a Day Care Teacher which she is and has been for about 9 months and she loves her job. She works 3 half days a week and goes to work at Goodwill the other two days. Goodwill and the DVR have been fantastic and we really appreciate the wonderful job that they do for people with disabilities. Good luck Jean

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