My Goodwill Story – William 

In the spirit of Older Americans Month, we honor the inspiring story of William, whose life took a remarkable turn upon walking into the Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida (Fort Myers). William’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of community support and personal determination. 

A Serendipitous Discovery 

It all began with a simple act of curiosity. William, a walk-in customer at the Goodwill store, stumbled upon the office and inquired about its purpose. When he learned about the digital skills training programs, he knew he found the right fit.  

With guidance from the staff at Goodwill, William embarked on a learning adventure. He mastered the basics of computer literacy, starting with how to use a mouse and advancing to typing and email communication. These skills proved crucial as he navigated the job market, seeking a position that matched his newfound abilities. 

William was looking for a job with his new skills. That’s when Goodwill referred him to SunSeekers, a company that was just getting ready for its grand opening. After two promising interviews, William secured a full-time driver position. 

The Transformation 

William’s initial visits to Goodwill were marked by reservation and uncertainty, a reflection of his frustrations with previous attempts to find work. However, as he engaged more with the services offered, his outlook began to shift. By July, William was fully immersed in the programs, gaining not only an email address but also a renewed sense of hope. 

In a heartfelt acknowledgment, William credits the dedication of the Goodwill staff, particularly three remarkable women, for his transformation. “Without you three ladies, I would be dead in the water,” he says. “This place is an absolute Godsend. It is amazing. Every person I spoke to made me feel wonderful.” 

As we celebrate Older Americans Month, let’s take a moment to reflect on the countless stories like William’s. He only needed a little support to find a fulfilling career, learn new skills and build his confidence.  

William Borst

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