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Give the 12 Gifts of Goodwill This Holiday Season

As you're checking your lists and running errands these next few days, don't forget to make Goodwill one of your last-minute December shopping destinations. To make things easier for you, we've put together a list of 12 popular things you can find at Goodwill that are sure to make your holiday season even brighter.


Host the Perfect Fall Dinner Party with Items from Goodwill

I’m Julia, a lifestyle blogger from New England, and I’m here today to show you how to host a fall themed dinner party with nearly everything purchased at my local Goodwill® stores in Maine. From setting the mood with the right music to setting a festive table with dinnerware from Goodwill, read on to check out my tips for making sure your party goes off without a hitch.


Seven Style Trends to Follow This Fall

As the summer heat gives way to cooler fall temperatures, AmazingGoodwill.com resident fashion expert Bjorn Nasett offers his top seven styles trends to take wardrobes into the upcoming season. Whether you want to man up with boot-cut slacks, tailored vests and jackets or go more girly with floral print dresses and faux fur, Bjorn has tips to add this season's runway styles to your wardrobe with items you can find at your local Goodwill. Read on to learn how you can be fashion-forward for less this fall while supporting local programs that benefit your community and the planet.


The Need to Thrift and Donate

I have been asked by you to write on thrifting, but as I think about the subject it seems almost too simple. I don't think anyone needs to be inspired to thrift in 2011. Thrifting is, of course, the practical alternative in a downturn economy. It just makes sense to shop at the lowest price point and to re-purpose that which has been used before. And, as much as I could treat the subject from my own personal perspective, I feel the need instead to focus on the issue of donating.


Get Organized This Spring with Help From Goodwill

Spring is right around the corner. As I come out of my winter hibernation, I find myself experiencing the following symptoms: * The urge to clean my space * The need to clear the clutter * The desire to repurpose the stuff I no longer use Do you experience one or more of these symptoms? Fear not — you, just like me, simply have a case of the spring cleaning bug! Gladly, Goodwill® has two new partners that have joined the Donate Movement to help us declutter our lives and help those in need in our community.


Take Stock of 2011 Fashion

It goes without saying that every year we make resolutions for the New Year. I am here to propose yet another resolution for you! How about taking a critical look at all of the fashions you already have in your closet?


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