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    Blog Categories

    My Story
    Goodwill program participants, employees and volunteers share their experiences with Goodwill.
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    Career and Financial Advice
    Weekly questions about your career and finances answered by Goodwill® experts.
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    De-Clutter and Donate
    Monthly tips to help you get organized, and take control of your life.
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    Up to Some Good
    Twice weekly stories about the programs and services operating in local communities wherever Goodwill is found.
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    Seasonal updates and trends you can create by shopping at your local Goodwill.
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    Short- and long-term opportunities to serve your community through volunteerism.
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    Social Networks

    Daily updates about news from around the Goodwill network, including blog posts from the people who shop and donate to Goodwill. Ask us a question here.
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    Daily updates featuring the most informative, interesting and entertaining news from the Goodwill network. Ask us a question here, too, and we’ll be sure to respond.
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    A combination of some of our most popular feeds, together in one place.
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    News and Updates

    Press Releases
    The latest news from Goodwill Industries International.
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    Advocacy Updates
    The latest news and updates regarding Goodwill Industries International’s public policy initiatives.
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    Goodwill Industries International President and CEO

    Jim Gibbons on “The Huffington Post”
    Jim’s regular column on the Huffington Post about news from across the Goodwill Network.
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    Jim Gibbons on Twitter
    Jim’s official Twitter profile where he discusses news and his travels across the Goodwill Network.
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    Audio and Video

    My Story – Podcasts
    Goodwill program participants, employees and volunteers share their experience in their own words, in their own voices.
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    The latest videos from Goodwill Industries International, focused on everything from donating and volunteering to making the most of your shopping experience.
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    Archived Blogs

    GoodLife: Jobs and Careers Tips and resources that can help you land a job, or advance your career.

    GoodLife: Budgeting and Spending Ideas and guides to help manage you personal and family finances.

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