My Story: Shaheera Alnatshia

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Goodwill has changed the lives of many remarkable women who have gone though our various programs. One such woman is Shaheera Alnatshia.

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My Story: Meosha Barnum

Meosha Barnum found herself in difficult times after a dispute led to her becoming involved with the justice system. This unexpected turn in her life interrupted her educational and career plans. After starting a job that only paid the minimum wage of $7.50 per hour, Meosha knew she needed to make a life change to better support herself. Thankfully, she learned of the Young Adult LifeLaunch program, hosted by her local Goodwill® organization's training partner, Diesel Truck Driving Academy.

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My Story: Maureen Juma

Maureen Juma thought it was nearly impossible for her to further her education while caring for her children at home. An immigrant, with little access to educational resources, she faced challenges finding employment due to her lack of skills and training.

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My Story: Jacob Barrett

Jacob Barrett epitomizes the adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” For Jacob, who has a visual impairment, is deaf and has a disability, the added layers of challenges never prevented him from reaching for and achieving his goals.

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My Story: Roberta Horner

In March 2022, Roberta Horner found herself seeking a new beginning. She had worked in factories for many years, but she recently started experiencing health issues that kept her from continuing in this line of work. Roberta was living in Harmony House, a shelter for women seeking housing and hope, where she heard about a Goodwill program that helps older adults get back into the workforce and build new skills.

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My Story: Sheila Gilmore

After 20 years of military service and earning a four-year degree, Sheila Gilmore never imagined it would be difficult to get a job. She had a 15-year employment gap on her resume, which reflected the time she was a stay-at-home mom, and the journey to find employment was rocky, but never gave up on her job search. Her perseverance as well as her dedication and passion for serving others helped her achieve her career goals despite the set backs.

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My Story: Raquel Hernandez-Gonzalez

Raquel has been focused on navigating the new changes in her life. Moving to the United States from the Dominican Republic, Raquel often faces language barriers. After gathering all the resources and utilizing the services Goodwill was able to provide to her, Raquel found a permanent, full-time job.

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My Story: Kevin Kennedy

Kevin Kennedy found himself seeking a new beginning after having a poor work history and facing a recent struggle with a serious health issue. A trusted friend encouraged Kevin to apply to a Goodwill program that helps older adults get back into the workforce and build new skills.

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My Story: Irene Hernandez

Irene Hernandez was unemployed for 15 years while she cared for her three children at home. Then, as soon as grandchildren came into her life, she looked after them too. Now that her daughter can care for her own children, Irene decided to make positive changes in her life.

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My Story: Wes Sawyer

Meet Wes Sawyer, Goodwill Industries International’s 2022 Kenneth Shaw Graduate of the Year.

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My Story: Stan Nesby

Stan Nesby is an older worker who is adamant about immersing himself in his community and surrounding himself with people who are dedicated to bettering the world. Proud of the work he has done and the support he received along the way, he talks excitedly about now being able to help others.

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My Story: Stephen Oun

As Stephen contemplates his next career move, he reflected on his time at Goodwill with fondness – realizing just how impactful Goodwill has been on his life. “It opened my eyes to a lot of things,” Stephen said. His journey to Goodwill began in high school when a teacher recognized Stephen’s interest in aviation and the ability Evergreen Goodwill’s Youth Aerospace Program could have in transforming a passion for flying and travel into a potential career.

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