My Story: March Henriott

Since August 2021, one such older worker named March has been helping visitors of the Warsaw Career Center discover career opportunities and resources. Beyond connecting participants to employment opportunities, she often finds herself lending a listening ear — something she recalls was offered to her during her time in the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) through Goodwill Industries of Michiana.

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My Story: Morning-Glory

Morning-Glory’s senior year of high school was cut short due to the pandemic. Unsure of what to do next, a family member referred her to Goodwill Hawaii for help and Morning met with program coordinator Siniva to learn more about their services. Within a few days, she was able to start a job at Burger King, but eventually she reached out to Siniva and told her that she wanted to do something more.

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My Story: Sandra Campbell

Sandra Campbell, came to Goodwill Industries of Kentucky (Louisville) seeking employment opportunities. Sandra was born with a disability, and she both lives with and supports her aging mother. Sandra has been successful helping her mother live independently by maintaining the basic chores of their home and maintaining a structured environment. Over time, however, Sandra has continued to strive for her own independence and financial stability and found she needed assistance to earn employment.

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My Story: Charles Doddridge

Charles Doddridge is an older worker who can’t help but laugh when he talks about his past. He is not hesitant to share the mistake he’s made, and he is proud of the work he has done.

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My Story: Calvin Kāʻaialiʻi Matthews

Calvin worked throughout the pandemic as an Office Assistant with MedQUEST, the State of Hawaii's medical coverage program for low-income adults and families, however, his wife lost employment due to COVID-19. During this time, their infant son required regular medical check-ups which was a concern especially during the first year of COVID-19. Because of this, Calvin set a personal goal to complete his Google IT Certificate in order to gain more flexible, well-paid and remote work in the IT field.

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My Story: Michael Blanton

Recently named Goodwill Achiever of the Year, Michael Blanton is a testament of hope to those looking to overcome obstacles and recreate their lives. When he was released from prison with no place to go and no money, Michael had a long road ahead of him.

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My Story: Kevin Ricksy

From the minister who hired individuals to mend, and repair used goods, to the servicemen and women who put their lives on the line to protect the freedom, democracy, rights, and privileges of our great country, these individuals are an integral part to a community’s ability to meet the needs of the most vulnerable. Within this group, is Kevin Ricksy.

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My Story: Carmela Allen

In May 2021, Carmela Allen found herself out of work and out of hope after the impact of her alcohol use led to a second touchpoint with jail and the loss of her Social Security Disability benefits. She didn’t have enough money to pay the bills and lacked the self-esteem she needed to find work in a new field.  Everything had changed since she left her role as a nurse several years earlier.

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My Story: Diondre Ouzts

Growing up, Diondre Ouzts says he was never motivated or inspired by learning. For him, school was always more about sports and socializing than academics. By the time he made it to high school, his athletic talents were his primary reason for attending. Several setbacks and mistakes caused him to become academically ineligible to play high school football. Feeling defeated and disappointed in his fate, Diondre ultimately decided to drop out of school and never imagined he would obtain his high school diploma. 

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My Story: Tonya Alvarez

Whether you are a community member, a caseworker, or a client, all who enter the SC Works Greenville center are greeted by the enthusiastic voice of Ms. Tonya Alvarez.  Since January 2021, Alvarez has helped to create a positive and memorable experience for SC Works’ visitors. Beyond connecting guests to appropriate staff, she often finds herself problem solving with clients. Given her previous experience as a law enforcement professional, Alvarez states that, “managing challenging incidents and problem solving with clients, is two of the many job duties [she] enjoys.”

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My Story: Sharrie Nix

If you stop by the patient waiting area at Indiana University Methodist Hospital at 4:30 am, you might be greeted by the calming voice of Ms. Sharrie Nix. Since late 2020, Sharrie has been helping patients check-in and prepare for surgery. She also assists with care coordination by connecting family members and doctors following each procedure. Sharrie is no stranger to early mornings or nervous patients given that she has been in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years.

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My Story: Gloria Coe

One in every five jobless Americans are people over the age of 55. At a time when employers need to build resilience, older workers can play a critical role. Older workers bring experience, reliability and perspective to every workplace setting.  

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